Perfect Pairings: Yummy Wedding Cocktails

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One of the challenges of putting together an awesome wedding party is in ensuring that everybody will have a great time. It's always a fun idea getting guests to move around and mingle. And what better way to do that than having an engaging conversation over cocktails. 

Cocktails, though not a required part of a wedding, is a great way of managing the lull moment that comes after the ceremony and before the party. If wedding ceremony is on a separate location from the reception. While waiting for the party to start, you can keep people entertained with a light snack that will get their palates ready for the sumptuous feast that lies ahead.

Here are 15 food+drink combinations you can during cocktails:

For an early morning wedding, you can start off with some (spiked) coffee and some donut holes.

A light snack of chicken cups and soda 

Beef and beer Hors D'oeuvres

Healthy treat of chilled English pea and cucumber tea sandwich

Something fancy: Caviar served in bread spoons paired with a shot of vodka

Light and fruity: Apple and walnut paired with champagne

Serve your favorite snack: Fish and chips

French toast and iced apple cider

Have some cookie and milkshake

Hotdog rolls and beer

Bloody Mary and shrimp

Mini burger sliders and a local brew

Taco and Margarita

Fried oysters and blood orange mojito

Grilled cheese sandwich and tomato soup

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Oui to a French Inspired Wedding

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Paris is hailed as the city of love. No wonder, it is one of the most visited places on the planet. Lovers and single people alike flock and enjoy everything that it has to offer - its romantic sights, sounds, food and people. 

If your dream destination wedding in France is not on the table, you can bring France to where you are. With some research, planning and advice from a competent and experienced wedding coordinator, you can put together a memorable French inspired wedding. 

Here are several French inspired wedding elements to complete your wedding repertoire:

Sweet scented wedding invitation and stationery with French inscriptions.

The boho chic bride with tulle and lace wedding dress and veil

Glammed-up bridesmaids in sequinned dresses

A warm welcome sign at the wedding reception.

Identically dressed flower girls throwing petals on the path leading to the altar

All white wedding canopy adorned with a chandelier

Floral centerpieces inspired by French scents and perfumes
A centerpiece paying homage to the Eiffel tower

Serve fruit and cheese plates for your guests' indulgence

Treat guests with warm chocolate drink

Monochromatic table setting with candelabras, flowers and candle accents
An outdoor garden wedding reception

French confectioneries

Ask guests to tuck in their wedding messages and wishes on an Eiffel tower card holder.

A French wedding is never complete without a champagne tower.
In true French tradition, the ball opens with the dance of the bride and her father.
Another French tradition is making lots of noise when welcoming the newlyweds at the wedding reception or sending them off to their honeymoon.

Thus the tying of tin cans at the back of the bridal car, traditionally to lead guests to the venue of the wedding party.
A picturesque wedding cake
You can go all out and have a croquembouche for a wedding cake. These are buns filled with custard and held together by toffee forming a cylindrical or pyramid shape.

For souvenir, there is nothing more French than a miniature replica of the Eiffel Tower.

You may also stay true with tradition and give away sugar coated almonds.

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What's to Love About Brunch Weddings

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If you are a morning person, you would definitely love to start your day preparing for your wedding. As the name suggests, brunch is a combination of breakfast and lunch. Brunch weddings usually happen during mid-morning and could extend up to early afternoon. It's catching on among wedding trend favorites and here are some reasons why...

It is a great way to start the day.

You can go a little less formal and have fun in short dresses.

You can take advantage of the good weather for the wedding reception
 and wedding ceremony

Be serenaded by a string quartet.

It's never too early to indulge in some bellini

Serve espresso shots to kickstart the party

Enjoy your favorite food such as egg and cheese sandwiches

waffles and sliders
fruit and donut skewers
 Get everyone on their feet and have an unlimited helping of yoghurt

or cereals

Get creative and opt for a non-traditional wedding cake such as stacked donuts

fruity naked cake

or rustic crepes wedding cake
You can give away mimosas as wedding favors.

Lastly, brunch weddings give you the opportunity to take wonderful pictures all day long. 

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