Perfect Pairings: Yummy Wedding Cocktails

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One of the challenges of putting together an awesome wedding party is in ensuring that everybody will have a great time. It's always a fun idea getting guests to move around and mingle. And what better way to do that than having an engaging conversation over cocktails. 

Cocktails, though not a required part of a wedding, is a great way of managing the lull moment that comes after the ceremony and before the party. If wedding ceremony is on a separate location from the reception. While waiting for the party to start, you can keep people entertained with a light snack that will get their palates ready for the sumptuous feast that lies ahead.

Here are 15 food+drink combinations you can during cocktails:

For an early morning wedding, you can start off with some (spiked) coffee and some donut holes.

A light snack of chicken cups and soda 

Beef and beer Hors D'oeuvres

Healthy treat of chilled English pea and cucumber tea sandwich

Something fancy: Caviar served in bread spoons paired with a shot of vodka

Light and fruity: Apple and walnut paired with champagne

Serve your favorite snack: Fish and chips

French toast and iced apple cider

Have some cookie and milkshake

Hotdog rolls and beer

Bloody Mary and shrimp

Mini burger sliders and a local brew

Taco and Margarita

Fried oysters and blood orange mojito

Grilled cheese sandwich and tomato soup

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