Beautiful (Wedding) Day in Marina Del Rey

When I met Nancy and Ramin, I knew they were special. Nancy is soft-spoken, while being a perfectionist. Ramin is a self-made man. They both love to dance. They actually had several coordinated dances for that evening. Need I say more?

Their day was full of bumps in the road, but they had no idea. My team and I were working in full gear from the second we got to The Ritz-Carlton, Marina Del Rey property.

We, along with the amazing coordinator at Ritz-Carlton, Harriet Booth, worked magic that day. The magic Nancy and Ramin wanted for their wedding.

To show you one example of things gone wrong that day, below is a photo of what their cake was supposed to look like. The cake they ordered:

Pretty, right?

Below is the cake actually delivered on their wedding day:

Horrified, I immediately contacted the bakery regarding this joke of a cake. Guess what they said? They seemed to think that this is the cake ordered by the bride! UMMM, seriously? I, as well as the bakery, had a copy of the photo of the cake ordered. Talk about different interpretations of design...

At that point, I exclaimed, "Over my dead body will anyone ever see this cake!"

With only two options on how not to use this cake, we decided, along with Hariett and the executive pastry chef at The Ritz, that they would tear the cake apart and re-do the design.

This wonderful cake below is the end result:

Talk about magic!

I did not tell our happy newlyweds about the cake fiasco, although I did warn them that the cake in the ballroom is not the cake they ordered. However, I assured them that when I later show them the before and after photos, they will thank me for the executive decision made... and guess what? They did.

It was a beautiful and memorable wedding. Here are some photos of their amazing wedding ceremony and reception: 

And they will live happily ever after!

The amazing vendors:
Venue: The Ritz-Carlton, Marina Del Rey
Photo/Video: Wind Productions
Flowers: Spring Flowers
Entertainment: Kasha Ensemble


Oh wow! This was a nightmare turned into an awesome dream. Good job Susie.

Julio A.

WOW!!! I'd be sooo embarrassed if I was that bakery! Good executive decision- that cake was beyond horrible!!!!!

Shakar Bakery

Susan was not only a wedding coordinator the night of my wedding but she was a partner in crime and a great friend! She was able to solve any problematic issues on her own with minimal stress, ie: the horrendous wedding cake. We spent a good deal of $$$ on that cake and I still can't believe how it was delivered. Susan truly saved the day with her executive decision to change the cake pronto and before the groom and I see it. She thinks ahead and is truly a person you can count on. I highly recommend Susan for any size wedding! Thanks again Susan, you're amazing!! ~Nancy