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Lace, lace, lace!

History: Lace has been around forever, however, it was made popular by the gorgeous Grace Kelly.
Here she is looking gorgeous in her wedding dress:

Since Grace's days, lace has popped in and out of wedding fashion. Last we saw it was at Kate Middleton's wedding:

Well, guess what ladies? Lace is CLASSIC, lace is TIMELESS...if done correctly.

You can incorporate lace without overkill in many ways. For example, you can have lace linens.

How about some lace in your dress?
Or maybe lace bridesmaid dresses?

How does this look from Lazaro's 2013 Noir Spring Collection?

Or maybe lace invitations (yes, please)

PS- If you like the look of lace, but not the actual fabric, how about Lasercut invitations? They are beautiful and delicate.

So basically, Lace is a 2013 'should'

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