Don't Forget About Place Settings!

Today we would like to go over a very important, and often overlooked element in weddings: place settings. Understandably, you invest so much time and energy to achieve the overall feel of the wedding with your florist and rentals vendor(s). Please, don't forget about place settings! Make it personal with your style, so it's: a) pretty and b) maintains the same standard you have planned your wedding to be...the best!
The place setting layout itself depends on the formality, setting/atmosphere/environment, and style of your wedding. Also, you would have to consider your color scheme, or theme, of the wedding when you are looking at place setting options.
We have compiled a variety of different place setting layouts, colors, styles, and levels of formality. As you know, your wedding is just like your relationship: unique. Make it your own! Just keep in mind that it must maintain the level of formality of your wedding because, well it would be awkward to have a casual place setting when the wedding is a swanky black-tie event, or vice versa.
Enjoy the photos below for inspiration, but please, our only request is that you personalize the design of your place settings so that it's special, just like your wedding!

The above setting is streamlined and timeless. It is set here with white florals, however, it is versatile enough to compliment any palette of florals. Classic.

The above place setting is another play on the first one we showed. We love this setting above for several reasons. One: it's versatile. Two: We love the layout of the setting itself. Three: There is lace involved. Four: It's clearly personalized to that individual couple's wedding.

Look at the difference between the two photos above. Linen choices, napkin fold options, use of accessories to personalize such as fabric, crystals, napkin rings, and stationary, make all the difference in the look of the place setting. Both are wonderful, depending on what look better compliments your wedding.

The setting above can be a great look for a formal, romantic wedding, a vintage-inspired wedding,  even a garden wedding. Imagine this with perhaps gold, dull rose, or champagne color linens. It would change the look entirely while still maintaining it's beautiful feel.

The setting above in this particular photo is set on a wooden table with very vintage style accessories and plating. It is stunning against the wood and really stands out. Please know that this would look just as gorgeous on an ivory/white linen as well, with florals ranging from whites to pinks to greens to yellows. It can be versatile  for matching your color scheme, if you play around with different looks for it. However, it is not as versatile in style or formality. 
The above setting is plain plating, however, the fold of the napkin and the individual fresh orchid personalizes it, and dresses it up quite a lot! You can use the style of the napkin fold with the individual flower (flower of your choice of course) with any charger or plating that better matches your wedding. We love individual flowers on place settings. There are multiple napkin fold options, by the way!

The above is not our usual cup of tea, however, we are oddly drawn to it and also wanted to show you this option because maybe it's your style! I think we are drawn to this because it can be an easy way of adding an extra touch by just using a cloth napkin color that matches your color scheme. We also love the personalized name ribbon.

We love the above two settings. We almost love everything about the first one. Dislikes: white, boring napkins and silver utensils. It does not match the beautiful and formal plating. The colors are beautiful, and the matching of the blue and white patterned plate with the gold beaded charger definitely makes a statement. And we like that. We, personally, like the bottom one more because it is a more cohesive look. It ties in to the rest of the tablescape. Mainly because it doesn't have plain white napkins on the side like the top one, and the utensils are gold. The bottom photo has a patterned plate, with a matching blue solid dinner plate, and a gold charger. Both have the same color scheme, two different looks. You can take these ideas and run with them, use a different colored pattern plate with a different charger. You can also have the napkin folded right on the plate with silverware lined up in it or maybe the menu, or maybe an individual flower, or maybe the favor... or maybe nothing at all except the folded napkin! Possibilities are endless.

This setting above is basic and nice. It is definitely enhanced with the use of the mini-bowl of grapes and the heart cut-out. We would think, and hope, that there was some sort of theme going on here because otherwise, we don't understand the grapes. Regardless, this is a very versatile place setting pairing with the silver-rimmed plate with the beaded charger.

The setting above is beautiful in it's own right. It has a very specific look to it, so it may not be as versatile as other options. Also, it does automatically have formality to it, being that it's black and white.  However, this would look beautiful with a monochromatic color scheme and would look gorgeous with all black and white wedding with very vibrant and bold florals!

We love the above setting because it is very cohesive with the entire table setting. Color compatability, level of formality, style, and everything else matches in a way that's not overwhelming, but overwhelmingly beautiful.

The use of succulents was big in 2012, and we see it repeating it's success again in 2013. The above setting is informal, but very nice. It includes the pairing of a patterned plate, with silverware matching in it's level of formality, with a beautiful pop of color by way of napkin and a little succulent. As you can see, it is set for an outside event, on a wood table. It's beautiful for what it does. Natural eye candy. You can personalize this any way you'd like with another pattern for the plate, or no pattern at all, different choice of colors used...the list goes on and on.

The setting above is one worth showing because even our brides who believe they have seen it all in chargers, have not seen this beauty! It's formal, it's intricate in it's trimming, and it's awesome! Here they have paired it with black and white, patterned stationary. Do what you like with this look!

The last look, above, is simple. Nothing fancy here folks! And guess what? We love it. No fancy anything on this, except a beautifully wrapped favor box. Clearly, the ribbon (or sometimes the box itself) matches the color scheme of your wedding. Aside from that, it doesn't need any dressing up.

We hope this post showed you a variety of place settings, like we hoped. Remember that the sky's the limit with creativity and personalization. So, don't forget about the place settings!

Which ones are your favorites?

Lots of Love,

photo cred: Google