You're Blessed, Don't stress

Happy Monday!

Today we are writing about something that is all too familiar for engaged couples...STRESS!

Here's the scenario:

The love of your life, man of your dreams, pops the big question. Yes, score! You are blessed to have found your true partner in life. Someone to share all the adventures that is life with.

And so the planning begins. Insert STRESS here.
From the figuring out of the budget, to finding vendors that you love AND that are within your budget, to finding a venue, dress, figuring out the bridal party members, listening to the endless (and unsolicited) advice of family and friends, trying your best to isolate the social pressures of having a certain type of wedding, to having a fiance that is M.I.A. when you need him and all nit-picky when you don't need him, etc., etc., etc.
It is a trying time.
You have your work, your school, other responsibilities, and everything in between, and NOW you have to plan a wedding. Not just any wedding, but YOUR wedding!
You easily go from this:
To this:
To this:
Very fast. Your relationship can be a rollercoaster of emotions. And it can spiral downwards faster than you can imagine.
We have seen it all with our clients. Even the most loving couples tend to get at each other's throats at one point or another because it's JUST TOO MUCH!
You lose sight of the goal of all this: to marry the one person that is your perfect match.
It's not so much a relationship problem as it is an individual's struggle in learning to make joint decisions. The beginning of a life full of joint decision making.
It's almost never what is being said as much as it is what's not being said, or how something is said. In a nutshell, communication.
Communication is key. It is the key during the planning process, and it is the key in a successful marriage.
Our tip for you is separate your emotional tie to the planning process. Use logic, common sense, and politics.
In this case, we can confidently say that it is not about the journey, it is about the destination. The complete opposite of the correct approach to life. But then again, keep in mind that is not life. This is a wedding. The marriage is the life part.
So, everyone, keep calm and remind yourselves as many times as you have to, that you are marrying the person that you yourself have decided is the perfect match for you.
All else will fall into place. And if it doesn't, hire us (professionals) to help alleviate the stress for you. Focus on what is most important: your mental and emotional health, your relationship with your fiancé, your families and friends, and the responsibilities you have to keep up with whether there's a wedding or not.

After all, each element in your life, all that causes pleasure and stress, are part of you. Not one thing is the complete you. Don't let one thing consume you!
In no time, you will be here:
And, later, being a pro at making joint decisions and balancing life at the most crucial times in life, you will one day be here:
After all, you're blessed, don't stress!
Lots of Love,
all images via Yahoo!