Amnon + Jessica = Two Pieces, One Puzzle

Today we are super excited to share the beyond-beautiful wedding of Amnon and Jessica.
To start, we'd like to share a little something about this couple. They are nothing alike: physically or characteristically. One is dark and handsome, and the other is fair and beautiful. Both are outstanding individuals. As we got to know the couple more, we realized that they each compliment one another in the most natural way. One is a bit more detail-oriented, and one is a bit more easy-going. Amnon and Jessica, if you are reading this: you know exactly which each of you is! They are two pieces to one, perfect puzzle.

We'd like to introduce you to our stunning bride, Jessica:

...and her handsome prince, Amnon:

 The day started calm and cool. Jessica was getting ready at the nearby Malibu Beach Inn and Amnon was getting ready at the groom's suite at the Malibu Jewish Center and Synagogue. (In the meanwhile, we were setting up for the ceremony and reception.)
When we got the green light from Jessica, we delivered her bouquet and helped her into her wedding dress.

We were now ready for Amnon and Jessica's First Look. It's such a special moment and they may not remember it exactly, but they will remember that feeling forever.

Amazing, right?

Now for some awesome pre-ceremony photos!

After they had a great time taking photos alone, they joined us at Malibu Jewish Center and Synagogue for the kettubah ceremony, followed by the chuppa ceremony...Mazel tov!

Celebration time...

The guests ate, drank and danced all night. The night was full of happiness.

Here are a few details from Amnon and Jessica's special day:

We wish Amnon and Jessica all the happiness in the world. Being two pieces to one puzzle, they are the perfect fit!

Lots of Love,

Vendor Love:
Photographer: Yair Haim
Videographer: Echo Productions (Avi Shteinman)
Favors: Mega Magnets