40 Is Sweet. Eat It Up.

Being in the wedding industry, I get too many wonderful ideas…for a wedding. So when it came time to plan my husband’s surprise 40th birthday party, I was lost. My mind had a million great ideas, all far too different from each other. On top of that, I was throwing this bash with my husband’s best buddy’s wife, for his 40th birthday as well.

By process of elimination of ideas (due to complexity of projects, budget restrictions, or time-crunch), I decided to take a simple approach; one that is more ‘us’. I kept reminding myself that this birthday celebration is for grown men, and that I didn’t want flowers and bling everywhere.

To start with, the venue chosen is the rooftop of Luxe Rodeo Dr., Beverly Hills. It’s amazing penthouse features two rooms, two bathrooms, with a wrap-around terrace. It’s chic, it’s indoor and outdoor, and it’s perfect for the party.

Now, what can we do with the space? For starters, I knew, if nothing else, that we would have a dessert bar. So, one room was dedicated just for that.

We had a Twisted Sister (leopard interior) cake for Artin's unfathomable love for the band:

We had a Wrestling cake for Zareh's love of wrestling:


I also thought it would be awesome to have a photo booth to add some fun to the party as well as serve as a keepsake for our guests. So, we used a portion of the other room for this.

Now, for the terrace, we had our own great bartenders, uplights, light-up lounge furniture, fun tray-passed food, and great company!

As for some added details, we had some signature drinks (one for each of the birthday boys, and one for each wife), signage, and simple but sweet d├ęcor.

 We had 'Forty Happens' cards everywhere!
We spray-painted cardboard initials of my husband and his birthday buddy with black spray paint and had guests sign them.
We printed 40 (since they turned 40) things about each birthday boy.


It was such a fun night. One that reflected my husband, his friend, and their friendship.

Lots of Love,