Winter Is Wonderful

Winter is wonderful!

The festive air during winter makes for a wonderful time for weddings. For a winter wedding, you can go with the blue and silver motif.  Blue symbolizes serenity, purity and fidelity. Paired with silver, it exudes elegance and sophistication. 

Wedding invitations do not only serve as an announcement of your wedding but also a teaser of what guests will expect on your wedding day.

Ivory roses accentuated with navy berries, thistles, eucalyptus and mistletoe makes a great bridal bouquet. For a vintage look, have one with silver and blue jewels and crystals. You may also use a combination of several blue flowers if you want to go for an eclectic look.  

Every bride should be surrounded by her trusted girlfriends who will assist her during her wedding day. And don't they all look good on blue and silver?

Continue the blue and silver motif into the reception with blue and silver on the table setting.

A cake with ivory icing with blue and silver decorations make a great centerpiece. Of course, the cake is not only meant to be an eye candy but something to be shared during the festive occasion. You can always choose to have your favorite flavors for each layer of the cake. But if you want something exciting, you can try any of these Christmas flavors: candy cane, eggnog, mocha truffle and gingerbread.

Guests will be delighted to bring home any of these wedding favors: bottle opener, bookmark, assorted chocolates and tea lights.

Enjoy the crisp weather, the lights everywhere and most of all the love in the air.

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