Wedding Guest Book Ideas


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Weddings bring families and friends closer together. They're like reunions of sorts. At the same time, an opportunity to get to know the other people in the newlywed's lives. As guests, you stand witness to the couple's exchange of vows and commitment to each other - the start of their journey together as husband and wife.

The wedding demands a lot from the newlywed and they will not have all the time to remember who to thank for coming to their wedding. And so, it is a good idea to have a wedding guest book.

Here are some creative wedding guest book ideas: 

A photobook containing engagement photos of the lovely couple

A blow-up photo of the couple worth displaying on their living room

Go artistic and sign names and short messages on the leaves of the marriage tree

Convey love and greetings to the newlywed through postcards

Write greetings and sweet messages at the back of puzzle pieces. The couple would surely enjoy reading them as they put all the pieces together. 

A treasure chest of good advice and words of wisdom

Be with the couple as they celebrate the milestones in their marriage with these wine bottles bearing your signatures.

Create your very own chicken soup for the newlywed by collecting advices and words of wisdom from guests at the wedding

Guests will enjoy having their photos taken at a photo booth at the wedding reception. Have them post their well-wishes together with their photostrips in the guest book.

Write words of encouragement for the bride and groom to check out when they need some inspiration 

"True lovers don't marry someone they can live with; they marry someone they can't live without." ~

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