Balloon Themed Wedding

Colorful Greetings to all our avid Lots of Love Readers!

We love weddings and we enjoy collecting materials on new and exciting wedding ideas. Today we share with you another colorful wedding theme - balloons. 

Because they come in different sizes and colors, balloons make the perfect accessory for wedding celebrations. Balloon themed weddings were made popular in the recent years because of the movie Up. Everybody fell in love with the story of Karl and Ellie and the sight of those colorful balloons is a great inspiration for weddings.

Here are some great ideas for a balloon themed wedding: 

Integrate balloons into the design of your wedding invitation for guests to have an idea of what to expect during your big day.

Balloons can be used as props for the engagement photo shoot.

Pure white ones make a classic romantic white backdrop for an outdoor wedding.

Minimalist decoration using big round balloons adorning the aisle. 

Balloons instead of floral bouquets - why not? 

Balloon topiaries leading the way to the ceremony

Floating Geronimo balloons at the wedding reception

Escort cards with balloons

An interesting take on a balloon-themed wedding cake

Cupcakes that double up as centerpiece and wedding favor, such an eye-candy!

This whimsical and fun balloon centerpiece will definitely be a conversation piece at the wedding reception

Guests will enjoy signing their names in this artiste guest book

Instead of showering the newlywed with confetti, guests can take part in the releasing of balloons at the end of the ceremony.

Souvenir photo of the newlywed all lovely and in love!

 Live, love and be merry!

Lots of Love,

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