Tips on Planning a Bridal Shower Party

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We love it when we hear about wedding announcements. It brings to mind celebration and gathering of family and friends to witness the union of two people in love. But before our lovely bride-to-be gets to say her marriage vows,  she deserves to have some fun in a bridal shower party. 

A bridal shower is held to shower the bride with gifts in anticipation of her wedding. Traditionally, it is the responsibility of the bridesmaids to plan such activity but these days, it can be hosted by the bride’s friends or relatives. 

 Here are some useful tips to consider when planning a bridal shower:
1.       Choose a Theme

A theme makes planning a lot easier as you can work everything around it from decorations, to gifts, food, activities and favors. You can ask the bride about her preference or you can surprise her and explore possibilities.

Baking or Cooking Party.  The bride might want to learn to bake or cook a dish to delight her future husband. This party could surely get her started on that. 

Spa or Pamper Party. Planning a wedding could be stressful and what better way to relax than to spend a day with friends and relatives at the spa during the bridal shower!
        Tea Party. A great way to mix vintage and modern elements into a bridal shower. The ladies would
        surely love to rock those hats and sip tea while have casual tete-a-tete. So English!  

        Depending of what theme you choose, you can incorporate fun activities and games to your program to
        make it more interesting!

2.       Prepare a guest list
It’s important to know who and how many people will be attending the party. This will help you manage your bookings and reservations. As a host, you are expected to take charge of everything including the bill. Involving the bridesmaids or the bride’s relatives and friends would surely work wonders on your budget. 
3.       Send out your invitations early
Make sure you send out your invitations in advance to give your guests enough time to clear their schedule and make time for the party. It will be helpful if you can also include information on where the bride and groom are registered so they would know where to shop for the perfect wedding gift.

 4.       It’s a date
A bridal shower shouldn’t be held too close to the wedding date to give the bride ample time to deal with the final preparations for the big day. You can have it between two months to two weeks before the wedding.   

5.       Shower the Bride with Gifts
There should be plenty of time for the giving of gifts to the bride. The host may plan out a gift-giving ceremony. Guests can present their gifts and offer words of advice and well wishes to the bride. Bridal shower gifts could be something attuned with the theme or something practical which the bride can use after the wedding.

 6.       Many Thanks
Don’t forget to thank your guests for being part of the occasion. They would love to bring home some of these great bridal shower favors:

                                                         Baking recipe and ingredients

                                                                     Spa essentials

Lovely tea cups and tea sampler               

There is no general rule on how many bridal shower parties a bride should have. Just be sure that the guests lists do not overlap so that everyone close to the bride could also spend some quality time with her before her wedding day. 

“A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person.” ~ Mignon McLaughlin

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