Unique Wedding Invitations

Hello to all Lots of Love Readers! We love receiving wedding invitations and save the date announcements. It carries with it festive mood that makes us look forward to the union of two hearts in love. 

You can make your wedding announcement extra memorable by giving out unique wedding invitations. Here are some awesome invites and save the dates that we love:

Take their breath away with balloon invites which they can inflate to reveal your wedding details.

Compile your favorite music and tuck it in a personalized CD jacket.

Something whimsical - a pop-up wedding invitation

For a classic touch - print your wedding details in cloth.

Surprise your friends and relatives by giving them film rolls as wedding invitation.

Give your guests a preview of the happy occasion by giving them a personalized view master as wedding invite.

Something playful - a wheel of wedding information.

Something useful - a fan with colorful illustration of your wedding details.

Share the sweet news by wrapping your favorite chocolate with your very own personalized wrapper with important details about your wedding.

A keepsake worth hanging - pictures of the lovely couple on one side and wedding details at the back side

Something to tie into a woodland wedding - laser printed wood wedding invitation

If you plan on taking your wedding out of town or out of the country, you can subtly suggest the idea by giving out passport designed wedding invites and save the dates. 

Keep them busy piecing together the important news about your wedding with this puzzle wedding invite.

Tip: Send out your invitations early so you can give your family, friends and relatives time to clear out their schedules and be with you on your wedding day.

"Now join your hands, and with your hands your hearts." -William Shakespeare 

Lots of Love, 

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