Have a Happy Pumpkin Themed Wedding

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Here's another fall wedding trend that's both interesting and exciting - Pumpkin Themed Weddings! Pumpkins, in history, symbolize a bountiful harvest. In weddings, pumpkins make a great accessory with its many applications. It's mostly associated with fall weddings as it is the season when it is mostly abundant. Pumpkins come in varied sizes and its many varieties can offer you an array of choices for all the things that you need to put together to create an awesome pumpkin themed fall wedding. 

Here are some great pumpkin ideas:

A wedding invitation stamped with a pumpkin on a vine.

Gorgeous wedding arch and aisle lined with pumpkins

Hallowed out pumpkins serve as flower basket for autumn blooms

 A lovely table centerpiece of pumpkins and flowers.

Small pumpkins stacked inside clear vases sitting on a bed of loose flower petals.

Photo-worthy centerpiece

You can set up a table with escort cards to lead guests to their seats

And top plates with this cute pumpkin place card

Ask guests to leave their well-wishes cards on a pumpkin basket.

Serve up apple cider 

Or something fancy like a pumpkin pie martini.

Alternatively, you can serve drinks in a cool pumpkin party cooler.

Of course, a wedding party wouldn't be complete without the perfect wedding cake.
 Something simple like this ombre wedding cake

or a fancy and colorful pumpkin cake

Treat guests with some pumpkin inspired cake pops

and some spiced pumpkin pie

Wrap some sugar cookies for guests to take home as wedding favors. 

Tip: A successful theme wedding comes with research and preparation. Don't be shy about seeking expert advice. Discuss everything with your wedding planner and see how you can translate your ideas into an awesome wedding reality.

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