10 Fall Wedding Drinks Suggestions

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It's nice to attend to weddings where the bride and the groom bring in their preferences into the wedding details.  It's these personal touches that make the celebration more memorable. One way of doing this is by picking a signature drink for guests to  enjoy and talk about even after the party is over.

Here are our 10 Fall Wedding Drinks Suggestions:

1. Pumpkin Spice Signature Cocktail. Something fancy with a homey autumn feel

2. Bloody Rimmed Martinis. This drink will surely set the mood for a Halloween wedding.

3. Hot Apple Cider to keep guest warm and cozy

4. Hot cocoa with graham crackers rims. Something for the children and the child at heart

5. El Guapo Gazpacho. Start the party with these colorful and zesty shooters

6. Autumn Punch. light drinks infused with the flavors of autumn

7. Autumn Manhattan. Added twist to a classic

8. Fall Sangria. Black mission fig is the star of this drink.

9. Coffee Bar. Warm things up with some caffeine fix

10. Fruit Juice Selections. Set up a banquet for a variety of drinks for everyone to enjoy.

Tip: Make sure to choose drinks that go well with your menu to enhance the overall gastronomic experience at your wedding.

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