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Lots of Love, Susan has been around for almost two years blogging information, ideas, discussion and photos of all things wedding and love! It's been fun and exciting for us to write about our passions and interacting with our fans; learning about their views and opinions about our posts.

The time has come to add a "Follow Me" button on our blog.  By following our blog, you will receive great posts and inspiration about weddings. Not only that, we will offer our subscribers the chance to win freebies and  prizes from time to time.

For starters, we will give away a Starbucks gift certificate worth $15 to one lucky subscriber who will sign up from now until the end of November. Who can use a tasty treat, coffee, or tea?!

More fun and surprises await you once you subscribe to our blog. So what are you waiting for? Start following our blog by clicking on the Follow me or the Subscribe buttons, and encourage your friends to sign up now and be a part of our community!

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