Wedding Centerpiece Vases

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We always look forward to centerpieces when we go to wedding receptions. There is something about centerpieces that adds to the vibe of festive occasions. One of the challenges that someone has to face when given the task of sprucing up the reception venue is picking the right elements that would transform an ordinary room into an awesome place. 
We recently read this interesting article by about ways you can transform a simple vase into awesome wedding centerpiece creations. Taking from the wisdom of the article, we came up with our very own recommendations for Wedding Centerpiece Vases. Here they are:

1. Wrap it up!

Twigs and vines perfect for a country wedding

Burlap for a shabby chic look
 Harmony in diversity. Paper wrappers in different patterns with the same color.
Candles in mason jars wrapped in crocheted holders

For a beach wedding, wrap it up with ribbons and starfish.

2. Fill it up!

 Create an awesome centerpiece by filling tall clear vases with fruits like lemons, pears, oranges and apples.

Use gems and crystals to add a sparkling look to the usual floral arrangement. 

Something romantic - tall clear glasses filled with flowers and floating candles
Add some drama by lining up clear vases filled with dyed water and floating candles

Arrange fresh blooms inside a vase filled with stones or crystals.

3. Let it shine and sparkle!

Wrap vases with gems and crystals

Let it shine and shimmer in gold

Thinking of an inexpensive yet equally appealing alternative to the regular glass floral vase?
Use a tin can!

Carve shapes on tin cans and use it as candle holder for a romantic wedding reception under the stars
 Transform the simple to elegant by adding sequins to your usual wedding centerpiece.

Tip: Be creative. Think of new ways of doing things.

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Wow!! All these Centerpieces are so beautiful. I really liked Candles in mason jars wrapped in crocheted holders the most. It will really look nice in night weddings. I saw these types of Centerpieces in some Banquet Halls in London.

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