5 Black Friday Tips for Wedding Preppers

You bet everybody is gearing up for Black Friday! And for wedding preppers, this is a great opportunity to find the best deals for the items you’re going to need for your big day. We’ve run into this great article by thebudgetsavvybride about how brides can benefit from Black Friday and we’ve decided to make our own version of Black Friday Tips for Wedding Preppers. Here goes: 

#1. Every wedding prepper could use a wedding planning checklist. With all the preparations for your wedding, you need to get things organized so you can optimize the use of  your resources. Check your list and see which items you can buy on Black Friday. Perhaps, you can get your hands on some jewelry which you can give as a thank you gift to the bridesmaids at your wedding. 

#2. Be time-conscious.  Take some time to map out stores that you plan on visiting. Find out about their opening times so you would know which ones you have to visit first. This should save you time and help you cover more ground.

#3. Research. Get hold of those Black Friday Ads and mark those good buys that you plan on getting. You can do this online or you can check the Thanksgiving newspapers. If you plan on making your own wedding favors, check if the supplies that you need are on sale and make a grab for it!

#4. Stock up on coupons. Make sure you bring them during your Black Friday shopping spree so you can buy more with less!

#5. Shop with a purpose. Prioritize items which you would not normally find on sale on regular occasions. Already got your eyes on an off-the-rack wedding dress? A new suit? Or your wedding band? Check out stores that are most likely to have these things on sale and go ahead and make that purchase.

Don’t be disappointed if you will find that not everything on your wedding shopping list is on sale on Black Friday. You can still make the most of the occasion by buying other stuff that you will need around the house or the office. Savings is still savings no matter. And you can always set aside whatever amount you have saved from your purchases and add it to your wedding fund. 

Happy Wedding Shopping!

Lots of love, 

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