10 Unity Ceremony Ideas

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Surely, you've attended lots of weddings and in some of them, couples perform what they call "unity ceremony" to symbolize their union as husband and wife. Some of these are based on tradition like hand fasting which is observed in Irish, Scottish and Welsh weddings to symbolize the couple's binding commitment to one another.

While others are modern interpretation of the couple's union like the branding ceremony observed in Western themed weddings.

In any case, unity ceremonies are fun and unique ways of creating more memories to cherish of your wedding day.

Here are 10 unity ceremony ideas worth considering:

1. Unity Candle. 
Both the bride and the groom hold lighted candles to represent their individual identities. Together, they light a center candle as a symbol of their union and commitment to each other and their marriage. 

2. Release of Doves
A dove choose to commit itself to only one partner in its lifetime thus making. Thus, the release of doves is a fitting symbol for a long and lasting marriage.

3. Washing of Feet
 This ceremony is observed in Christian weddings to symbolize humility and willingness to serve. The bride and the groom take turns washing each others feet and drying them off with a towel in the presence of family and friends.

 4. Wine Ceremony
Wine represents the bountiful life that the newlyweds will share together.  The bride and the groom each take a carafe of wine and pour the contents into a glass which they both drink from.

5. Sand Ceremony
 The blending of two different-colored sand in one vessel mimics the intertwining lives of the couple joined by marriage.

6. Hourglass Ceremony
A variation of the sand ceremony. The couple pour sand in an heirloom hourglass which is sealed and turned each time the couple celebrates their wedding anniversary. 

7. Artwork.
For artistic couples, this can be their first collaboration as husband and wife. The couple pour paint on a plain white canvass to create art which can be prominently displayed in their home after the wedding. 

 8. Plant a Tree

The couple ceremonially plant a tree. The potted plant is later transplanted at the newlywed's home to grow along with their marriage. 

9. Wine and Love Letter Box
The bride and groom each write love letter for one another and place them inside a box together with a bottle of wine. The box is sealed and is set to be opened and enjoyed when they celebrate their wedding anniversary. 

10. Wish Lantern
The couple writes their wedding wishes on a lantern which they release into the air. (Caution: See if there is a need to secure clearance before you can perform this ceremony and make sure that it is done in an open space to prevent any untoward incidents.)

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