10 Great Wedding Favor Display Ideas

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We're still into the topic of Wedding Favors. We've featured last week some really great edible favors. The choice for wedding favors are really limitless and it really depends on what you would want your guests to take home as keepsake of your wedding, something to remember you by or something to enjoy on their way home.

For this article, we are bringing you another on the topic of wedding favors, only this time, we focus on wedding favor displays. Having wedding favor displays is a great way to add personality to your wedding reception venue. The mere idea of showcasing your wedding favors into a creative display indicates that you are really putting thought into every detail of the wedding preparation. 

Here are some ingenious favor display ideas:

Wrapped around a tree. If you plan on sharing your photos with your guests. You can conveniently display them by pinning them around a tree. Guests can move around and check them out when they arrive at the reception area and take their pick to bring home after the party.

Pinned up. Wrap goodies, mementos or even seed packets in burlap bags and pin them on a wall. A great idea for a rustic, country wedding.

Hang 'em up. You can call it a favor tree bearing favors ready for the picking.

Escort Cards. Tuck in escort cards on colorful succulents and cacti, a perfect addition to your guests growing garden.

Integrated favors into your tablescape setting to create a harmonious display that goes with your overall wedding reception theme.

Magnetic board display. Wow your guests with favors packed in canisters displayed on a magnetic board. You can arrange them to form your initials or in this case, a heart, as a symbol of love in celebration of your wedding.

In dainty packages. Place your favors in attractive packages that are just too good to miss.

Layered up. Instead of lining things up on a table, try stacking up some wooden crates so you can display more favors even in constrained spaces. Accentuate it with a lovely picture of you and your partner to make it more interesting.

Buffet Style. Everybody loves sweets! Treat your guests to a candy buffet. And why not add colorful bags which they could fill with their favorites and take home for some sweet indulgence.

And finally, a tower display. Another way of displaying favors in constrained spaces is by stacking them up to mimic your wedding cake.

Have fun creating a wonder wedding favor display for your wedding!

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