Cinderella Wedding

Have faith in your dreams and someday
Your rainbow will come smiling through
No matter how your heart is grieving
If you keep on believing
the dream that you wish will come true

Every girl who has watched the 1950s Walt Disney Film Cinderella would be very much familiar with the lyrics of the song "A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes" and has spent countless nights daydreaming about finding true love and living a life happily ever after. We're very happy that Disney decided to breath new life to the animated feature with its 2015 release.

Cinderella is one of the many Disney princesses that we have come to love. She's a sweet and gentle soul that has been dealt with badly in life. However, her life's circumstances has not stopped her from being optimistic and hopeful that someday, she will live to experience the fulfillment of her dreams. And true enough, with some help from her fairy god mother and her furry and feathery friends, she found true love and her happy ever after.

With a love story as such, it should come as no surprise for brides to be inspired by Cinderella's story and wish for a Cinderella-Themed Wedding.

Here's a collection of wedding details inspired by the fairy tale movie that that has been part of every little girl's childhood: 
The Wedding Invitation with a watermark of Cinderella and her prince.

The perfect wedding dress with sweetheart neckline and ball gown bodice. Wear it with a tiara and white gloves for a complete royal look.

 Brooch bouquet made of the bride's favorite gems and trinkets.

 For an outdoor wedding ceremony, create an elegant arch of white flowers hanging on twigs and branches and line the aisle with floral bouquets and ribbons.


For an indoor wedding ceremony, decorate the aisles with bundled twigs and ribbons to recreate a white wedding in the woods.

Arrive in style on board a pumpkin carriage.

Enhance the regale ambiance of the reception with large floral arrangements and chandeliers.

Tall floral centerpiece with crystals and feather accessories.

Gorgeous table centerpiece of draping crystals, candles and some light treatment.

Mount an awesome ice sculpture display at the wedding reception.

Place cards holders that can double up as wedding favors.

Decorate tables with a floral arrangement inside mini-carriages.

Direct guests to the wedding reception area with a sign aptly saying "Happily Ever After".

Ask guests to drop in their well wishes for your and your partner in this carriage container. 

A wedding reception  will not be complete without a splendid wedding cake fit for a Royal Wedding adorned with the proverbial glass slippers, castle cake topper and charmed crystals.

Or you can opt for something a little less sensational but equally appealing like this simple blue cake adorned with Cinderella's helpful feathery friends.

Thank guests for coming to your wedding by giving them castle design tea light candle holders.

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