Glam Is Glam...and That's Fabulous

Today we would like to talk a little bit about all the hoopla going on over 'Old Hollywood Glam' or 'The Great Gatsby' or '1920's Hollywood' themed weddings.

First off, all these terms can mean the same thing or entirely different things, depending on who you ask. For us, we think of something entirely different when we think of 'Old Hollywood Glam' than when we think of 'The Great Gatsby' or '1920's Hollywood'.

'Old Hollywood' to us, can mean all things glitz and glam, from the good old days of Hollywood when the stars were, well, the stars! (Think satin, broaches, fur caplets, gloves, black, white, red, etc).

'The Great Gatsby' and '1920's Hollywood' go hand in hand, because if you've read the book, or know the story, you know that the story is set in that time period. Also, Gatsby's glam was reflective of the 1920's hot-to-trots, so it makes sense.

This year, with the upcoming release of the film 'The Great Gatsby' (Leonardo DiCaprio...), the wedding industry is prepared to work on, and already has worked on many weddings with the movie's theme. Vendors are ready to whip out the feathers, pearls, bling, head pieces, gold, champagne, and chandeliers for Gatsby fans.

Here's what we are talking about:

When you look at the above photos (Google, by the way), you can see that the top two photos go in one direction and the last two photos go in a different direction. The top two are more obviously lush, opulent, if I may. The bottom two are more vintage-y glam (Think hanging chandeliers from trees and using the fanciest silver/gold ware on rustic wood tables).

Either way, they are interpretations of what Gatsby is all about. Whatever your perception of  'Old Hollywood Glam', or 'The Great Gatsby', or '1920's Hollywood'  is, there are endless variations for this theme you can incorporate in your wedding.

Here are two photos from the movie (back in 1974) with Robert Redford and Mia Farrow.

These two photos from different scenes are very different, much like the photos posted above these. That' what we love about perception and interpretation. It is uniquely your own! Your wedding can play off either one of these two themes from the same story :)

With that said, look closely at the details of the weddings you attend this year and see for yourself what elements each couple has pulled in from the theme.

At the end of the day, Old, Vintage, or New, Glam is Glam...and that's fabulous!

Lots of Love,