Siran + Khachik's Outstanding Outdoor Wedding

Today we are happy to feature Siran and Khachik's outstanding outdoor wedding.

Our beautiful bride is Siran. She's the perfect combo of brains and beauty. And, we love that she's oh-so girly.

Our groom is Khachik. I can tell you that he is a stud-muffin, as well as the BESTEST DANCER EVER!

Here's Siran and Khachik looking fabulous on their Big Day:

Could you imagine the gorgeous babies they will make?!

This wedding day was awesome. We liked it because the wedding ceremony stood alone. It started with a noon Church ceremony at the beautiful St. Sophia Greek Orthodox Church.

After they tied the knot, the newlyweds went to take some breath-taking post-ceremony photos:

Later that evening, guests arrived at the amazing residence for the wedding reception. The cocktail hour was wonderful as guests enjoyed small talk, background music, and phenomenal drinks and hors d'oeuvres.
We then escorted guests to the outside reception to find their seats and get the party started! They had a blast celebrating all night.
We love this shot of them letting loose:

This is when I can tell you that Khachik has spent a majority of his life in dance. No, I don't mean 'just dance', I mean real, trained, professional dance. Man, talk about dance machines. It was wonderful to watch because the guests were feeding off the energy on the dance floor all night!

And the cake cutting was beautiful, as the cake table was in a special location all for itself. A beautiful display!

I must say that, as usual, our work days are never without special "fun" as we call it. This wedding was no exception. This gorgeous cake table later caught on fire. Yes, you read it right... caught on fire! Don't worry, we caught it super fast and salvaged it, all by ourselves! Just another adventure ;)

The night was beautiful. The weather was perfect, the d├ęcor was perfect, the food was perfect, and the bride and groom were perfect. It was a night to remember for everyone.

Here's some eye candy from the wedding:

Guests could not mistake the reception venue, with this awesome "Happily Ever After" sign to greet them!

And this is what they were greeted with once inside for cocktail hour. YUM!
Siran's beautiful bouquet:

Beautiful florals awaiting guests for cocktail hour:

 These love bird nests with candy as the "eggs" were the favors, which we set in each place setting

Beautiful moss and orchids covered little votive holders

 The florals were soft and lush with beautiful texture:

Centerpieces were surrounded with long beautiful silver taper candles and raised glass tealight candles (shown above), with hanging crystals from each one.

The cake table was beautiful, adorned with fresh roses, with candles and florals surrounding it.


Monograms were set against the beautiful trees, which is super unique!

Everything was so soft and lush, matching the venue perfectly, while keeping it romantic.

As an ending note, I must tell you that Siran is the one bride that I would love to work with me. She made almost every detail of this wedding with her own two hands. Too bad, she's too smart to enter this industry!!!

We wish Siran and Khachik a life full of music, so they never have to dance alone.

Lots of Love,

Vendor Love:
Caterer: Sit Catering
Entertainment: arranged by the groom with his great friend. Please inquire with me if interested in contact information.


Such a stunning event! fantastic job as usual!

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