Engagement's The Name- Bling is the Game

Today we are focusing on rings. Why?  Because he popped the question. You said yes. You tell someone you got engaged, and what do you hear? "Where's the ring? I want to see the ring!"

Each of us are beautiful and unique. Knowing that, there is quite some pressure on the men to get us rings that are 'our style'. Some of us are lucky enough to be able to show our man what we like, and what we don't like. Some of us get surprised with it all.

Of course, we all care about the quality of the diamond itself, but aside from the quality of the diamond, we all care about the design of the ring. After all, we wear the engagement ring forever and it is the one piece of jewelry we love to show people as soon as we have it on our fingers!

We would like to provide a glimpse of just some of the many engagement rings from the amazing Vanna K. Perhaps you will forward today's blog and Vanna K's link to your beloved, along with a hint of which you like most.

Get ready for some sparkle!

Below is a beautiful princess cut ring with the best of the best in details. This is a ring that no man can do wrong with in getting.

 Another gorgeous ring below: This ring has so many beautiful features to it, we don't know which part we love most! Could it be the center oval cut diamond, the round diamonds, or the half moon diamonds? We will take this one, please.

The amazing ring below is fit for a queen. So much so that this ring is called 'Crown Her Your Queen'  Quite appropriate. This ring is just amazing in its design from any angle, with a diamond crown holding up the stunning diamond.
So unique, so elegant, so royal.

The note-worthy ring below is a fave of ours. Initially, it does not look as complex as others in today's post, but it is quite the beauty. Also, the more you look at this ring, the more details you will notice. It is detailed to the max, and in the most feminine way. This ring is inspired by floral, and accordingly, a most beautiful flower showcases a brilliant round diamond. We love this. It's just perfect. To top it off, the band itself has such an intricate design. So feminine and soft. S
So sparkly... so perfect.

Last but not least, below, we have a modern beauty. This ring makes a statement in many ways. For example, the style of this ring itself is very modern. It has a very fitting emerald cut diamond, and bold sea blue sapphires to add a touch of color, while adding to the ring's geometric, sleek look. It's flawless in design, and is made for today's bride.

We could look at these engagement rings all day. Vanna K makes the BEST engagement rings, period.
 Each ring is unique and beautiful, just like each of us.
So...which one is your favorite?

Lots of Love,