Wedding Guest No-No's


Today we would like to help all wedding guests with their attire for upcoming weddings. Actually, we would like to help with what not to wear.

We will start with the ladies...

First things first: No White!!!!!!! Unless you're the one getting married, you should not be wearing white. We know that a bride will stand out regardless of the style of gown she wears, but the color is one way she stands out. Also, c'mon, just let her wear her white! When a guest wears white it looks disrespectful towards the bride.  The universal wedding etiquette is if the bride is wearing white, then you don't.

Second no-no: over-the-top gowns. Of course, dress up to the formality of the wedding you are attending, but ladies, ladies, ladies, less is more!

Third: we just told you that less is more, but keep it classy! We know you're a woman. You don't need to reveal too much of your assets.

Fourth: it's a wedding not a movie night. Dress like you respect the person enough to put some effort into it.

Last but not least, no boots! Unless you're a super hero there is no need to be wearing boots with your outfit.

Ok guys it's your turn!

We'll start with the shoes! No tennis shoes! Yes, dress shoes aren't as comfy as throwing on a pair of your sneakers. But, take a look at women's shoes, if we can do it you can definitely do it!

Secondly, please wear socks. If you're not wearing socks don't go out of your way to show you're not wearing any.

Third: no jeans. Boys, let's not forget where we're going. It's a wedding! Picture the groom wearing jeans and ask yourself if that looks appropriate.

Fourth: unless there's a flood, there is no reason why your pants shouldn't be covering your ankles.

Last but not least, tuck in your shirts! It looks sloppy when you don't tuck in your shirts at a wedding.

Well, there you have it. Please do not make these mistakes! We see this too often, and would hate to see any of you in these fashion don'ts...

Lots of Love,