Slices of Heaven for Engagement and Wedding Day Photos!

Today we would like to provide you, our awesome readers, with some cool locations for engagement or wedding day photo shoots. We know that it's hard to pick a location for engagement photos or for wedding photos, so we have rounded up a few places for you all!
First off, we present to you The Huntington Library, a place where you have options for your backdrop. There is a Chinese garden, a Rose garden, a Jungle garden, a pond, etc. It's amazing. Below are just a few photos to give you an idea of what Huntington has to offer.

Next up is The Griffith Observatory. We love it here! The property has amazing features, with beautiful buildings, breath-taking views, and a lot of character.

The beautiful Descanso Gardens is another place we would love to share with you. It has so many different pretty gardens to choose from.

Cal Tech Pasadena is another wonderful property for photos. We love the staircase. See for yourself!


The Arboretum is one of our fave nature settings. Period. AMAZING everywhere you look.

Not so much into the nature scene for your photos? Do you like historic sites? Sites with character? Check out the Union Station!

Another option is a modern architectural masterpiece: the Disney Concert Hall

Back to nature: Westlake Village Inn

Last, but not least...our new FAVE!
Dear readers, this property is heaven! It is one property with so many different areas, it's difficult to choose which is the best. We absolutely love the stained-glass tops!
Let us or  Quintessential PR know if you would like more information on taking your engagement or wedding photos at the property below!

We hope you enjoyed the places we took you with the beautiful venues above for engagement and wedding photo shoots. Perhaps your photos can be at one of these amazing places.
Let us know where you liked the most!

Lots of Love,