Boutonnieres for the Dashing Groom

Beautiful greetings everyone! Happy Weekend to all our Lots of Love Readers.

We're going to talk about wedding fashion today. Looking good is not solely the bride's goal, but the groom's as well -  the bride, beautiful in her wedding gown and the groom, dashing in his suit.

A good fitting suit will go a long way for the groom and adding some embellishments would certainly tie everything up. Boutonnieres will definitely do the trick. 

Here are some options to consider:

Elegant and simple. A single flower of the same color as the wedding motif.

Fancy and colorful. Mini-bouquet of wild flowers.

Billy ball boutonnieres add zest to the groom's formal look. 

Succulents make it oh so shabby chic!

Go sentimental. Use a time piece with a picture of the groom's parents.

Who says your options are limited to fresh flowers? A beaded ice clear crystals boutonniere would look great on a  dark suit.
 Accessorize with some shells to go with the whole beach wedding theme

Mix and Match!

Sailor boats for a nautical themed wedding

You can't go wrong with a color coordinated tie and boutonniere. 

Bring out the inner child in the groom with this super awesome superhero boutonniere. 

How ever you wish to dress up for your wedding, the best accessory that any groom can wear on his wedding day is his beautiful and confident smile.

"Here's to the groom with bride so fair. And here's to the bride with groom so rare!" ~ Anonymous
Lots of Love, 
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