Wedding Seating Chart Ideas

Hello to all our lovely Lots of Love Readers! We're giving you a Wednesday wedding tip. Today, we will talk about wedding seating arrangements.

Before everything gets busy, find time to sit with your wedding planner and discuss the seating arrangements at your wedding reception. Seating arrangements are necessary when you are expecting many guests at your wedding. As host, you want your guests to feel that their presence at your wedding is something important to you and that you want them to feel comfortable and enjoy your wedding party.

Here are some clever ideas on how you can integrate style and functionality when planning the seating arrangement at your wedding reception:

Escort Cards. Place them on a table or have them on display outside the reception room.

Stay true to your beach wedding theme and have a mini beach set-up for your escort cards with colorful paper umbrellas and some sand.

You can't just say no to chocolates! Some sweet treats for guests to munch on while waiting for the party to start

 Group cards according to table and display them in vases with colored stones or perhaps some hard candy.

Go traditional and print escort cards in beautiful stationery and have them on display right outside the reception hall. 

Go natural. Arrange fruits in season on a table with your escort card tucks in them.

Colorful display of escort cards which guests can take home and use as bookmark.
 Try this refreshing idea: welcome drinks with your guest's names and table assignments.

Help guests find their seats through wedding giveaways tagged with their names and assigned seats

You can also use a seating chart. 

Arrange the names of guests according to table assignment

 or in alphabetical order

Keep it interesting!

You can use the newlywed's photos instead of table numbers.   Have this chart on display outside the reception hall. Then, integrate table markers (be it numbers, colors or in this case, photos) into your table centerpiece to guide guests on where they should be seated.

 Spread love and happiness on your wedding day!

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