Wedding Canopy

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The sight of couples saying their vows and pledging their commitment to each other under a wedding canopy is both charming and romantic. A canopy provides the perfect frame for wedding pictures and sets the vibe of the wedding ceremony. 

Here are some charming canopy designs worth considering:

Simple but elegant wedding canopy of fabric and flowers

Awesome canopy with strings of white flowers

Add a personal touch to the wedding ceremony by using your very own quilted canopy

Vintage lace wedding canopy

A twist on a traditional tent following the motif of the wedding

Simple wedding canopy adorned with balls of flowers

Rustic wedding canopy with vines, flowers and chandelier

Colorful beach wedding canopy

A lovely garden-inspired wedding canopy. 

Canopy of flowering branches accentuated with lights for a dreamy and magical effect.

"Two souls but a single thought, two hearts that beat as one." ~ John Keats

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