Wedding Colors: Paloma

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We love weddings and we like exploring possibilities on how to make them fun and exciting. Here’s another color you can use as your wedding motif – Paloma. It is a beautiful shade of gray. It portrays confidence and assurance. It can be used on its own or combined with soft-toned color palettes for a romantic effect. It can also be paired with bold colors to achieve a more vibrant look. Paloma is a great choice when you want a neutral or subdued theme for your wedding.

Here are some ideas on how it can be used.

Invitation cards accentuated with polka dots. Use varying fonts and font sizes for a more interesting look. 

 Starry starry night evening wedding invitation.

The groom and groom’s men will look dapper in suits.

And the bridesmaids will look lovely in these dresses. 

Flower girls will surely enjoy wearing sequinned dresses with tulle skirts.

And carry these petal cones while walking down the aisle.

Here are classy and sophisticated wedding bouquets with white flowers and a mix of grays

You can decorate the wedding pews with gray willow hearts decors adorned with gypsophila

 For a classy look, decorate the wedding reception with paper pom poms and glass balls

Arranging escort cards on top of a chest drawer is so shabby-chic.

Signage add an interesting touch to the over-all d├ęcor at a wedding reception
Like these enlarged names of the newlywed prominently displayed at the entrance of the reception hall where the guests can have their pictures taken while waiting for the program to start. 

The couple’s initials adorning the dessert bar

Instead of elaborate tablescapes try this simple but elegant table setting.

Stylish display of seating arrangement on frames hung on a wall or placed  on the reception tables

And what wedding would be complete without a wedding cake. 

If the wedding cake is just too beautiful to cut, you can serve cake pops and cupcakes everyone to enjoy. 

And when the party is over, you can thank them for celebrating with you by giving out thank you cards and wedding favors like these scented candles. 

“You meet thousands of people and none of them really touch you, and then you meet one person and your life is changed forever.” - Jamie Randall (from the movie, Love and Other Drugs)

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