Writing the Groom's Wedding Speech

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One of the official functions of a groom during the wedding reception is to deliver the Groom’s Speech. This may be a daunting task for many, especially for those who are not used to public speaking. Needless to say, it is an important part of the wedding and something that requires some preparation.

Here are some things you can include in a Groom’s Speech: 

Thank everyone for putting together a beautiful wedding. Thank your parents for all their love and support, your in-laws for welcoming you into their family, the bridesmaids for being there for your wife, the groom’s party for their support, guests for attending the wedding and everyone else involved in the wedding preparations (e.g. ushers, caterer, florist, events coordinator, etc.)

Tip: Run the list with your wife so you don’t forget anyone. Use “We” instead of ”I” as you are speaking in behalf of you and your wife. 

Make a Toast. Raise your glass and make a toast to the special people at your wedding. This portion is reserved for those who walked the extra mile with you to make everything possible. 

Tip: Share a short story or two about these people and don’t forget to compliment them by saying how beautiful they look.  

Shower Your Bride with Compliments. Tell her how beautiful she is and how happy you are that you are finally starting another chapter in your relationship. 

Tip: Share some candid stories about your relationship. It could be how you met, some memorable occasion or how you proposed. End your tribute to your bride with a toast.
A good speech can run from 5 to 8 minutes. You can include more interesting stuff like anecdotes about your best man, stories about your childhood, your bride’s family and friends. 

Don’t leave everything to chance. Just like your vows, you should find time to write your speech. If the first time, it didn’t sound right, you can always rewrite it until you get it done just the way you want it to. 

Have a happy wedding!

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Beautiful weeding speech dear. I am also trying to write one for my brother's weeding but I am not finding myself successful in this. Every Night, I start work on it but do not find words. Please help me. My be your help give me a guideline.

Hi Tom! Start by telling a story about something that's special about your brother, a funny or endearing incident that you will never forget. You can talk about how the occasion means so much to him. Then you can end with your wishes for the newly weds. Good luck and have fun at the wedding!