Choosing a Bridesmaid

After the big “yes” and spreading the good news to your family and friends, it is time to plan out your wedding.  You are going to need all the help you can to make your wedding day everything that you’ve dreamed of.  For that, you should solicit the help of your bridesmaids.

So how do you choose your bridesmaids?

There are no hard and fast rule on who should you invite to be your bridesmaids. But these five tips would surely go a long way in helping you decide on who to ask:

1.       Proximity. You bridesmaids will be there for you to hurdle all your pre-wedding errands and activities – scout for the perfect wedding dress, visit the venue, attend tastings and just about anything that will contribute to the overall success of “the big day”. And so, it would be convenient to have someone close by to do all those fun stuff with you. 

2.   Responsibility. It’s not to say that you will overburden your girls with the herculean task of pulling everything through for you. But planning a wedding will demand time and attention. Can your friends find time in their busy schedule to perform their bridesmaid duties? 

3.      Cost. You would have to consider your girls’ life situation. Will they be okay with buying their own dress, paying for their plane tickets and chipping in for the bridal shower? You would not want your wedding to take a toll on your bridesmaids. After all, it is a happy occasion and you would want everyone to have happy memories of your wedding. 

4.       Fellowship. Make a list of probable candidates and narrow it down to a comfortable number depending on whether you are going to have a grand or intimate wedding. You can ask your sister, future sister-in-law, childhood friends, relatives, a co-worker or just about anybody in you and your fiancĂ©’s circle. Remember: do not let anyone pressure you into picking the bridesmaids at your wedding. Your bridesmaids will be there with you all the way so make sure that pick a good mix to avoid conflicts. 

5.       Lastly, attitude.  Choose bridesmaids that are a mixture of fun and dependable. With the long list of things to accomplish for the wedding, you are going to rely on your bridesmaids’ optimism and positive outlook that everything is going to be just as you have planned it to be.

Even if you want to, you cannot get everyone to be bridesmaid at your wedding.  But for sure, you can find a specific role for them to play. There is going to be plenty of opportunities for then to still be of help. You can get them to monitor the guest book, usher guests to their seats, hand out programs or even render a song number at the wedding reception.

When the wedding is over, be sure to express your heartfelt thanks to everyone who, in one way or another, made everything possible. As for your girls, they deserve a special gift from you. Click the link to read our article on Gift Suggestions for Bridesmaids.

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