Cute and Lovely Flower Girl Ideas

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A wedding brings people together. To add special meaning to the occasion, family, relatives, colleagues and friends can play different roles in a wedding. There are a lot of opportunities for everyone to participate in the wedding, even the little girls who can easily fit into the role of flower girl. 
Traditionally, flower girls carry baskets of flower petals and scatter them down the aisle for the bride will be walk on all the way to the altar. In the past, they used herbs and grains to symbolize everlasting love fertility. Eventually flowers were used as it symbolizes good luck for marriage.

Here are some interesting flower girl ideas worth considering: 

Bundled and wrapped flower baskets.
 Instead of flowers, let the last flower girl to march the aisle carry this cute sign. 

 You can pair the girls in twos so they won't feel all that shy with all eyes on them.

Pinwheels are a fun alternative to flower bouquets.

 The girls would look adorable carrying a ribbon wand accentuated with flowers.

Get creative and let the girls carry hats filled with flower petals to scatter down the aisle. 

An ingenious alternative to a bouquet or flower basket - a floral wreath.

What's cuter than a flower girl with her loyal pooch as her escort during the bridal march?

The girls would definitely enjoy blowing bubbles while walking down the aisle. 

Another alternative to flowers are balloons which could be released at the end of the ceremony. 

It is always a challenge dealing with children during formal occasions. Hence, you have to make sure that the children’s parents get the little ones to be at their best disposition during the whole ceremony.

"A flower cannot blossom without sunshine, and man cannot live without love." - Max Muller

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aaww these are so cute ideas! I love the dog idea, so adorable

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