Picking the Perfect Wedding Dress 2

Hello to all Lots of Love Readers!

As we usher in another lovely month for weddings, let’s talk about bridal gowns. Runway shows are a great place to scout for ideas for the perfect gown for a wedding.   Before the start of every season, bridal designers gather around in New York to provide a sneak peak of their concepts for bridal gowns much to the delight of would-be brides. 

Let's look at some wedding dress options:
Short Skirts will make its way to the wedding aisle. 

Back treatments will bring the "wow" into wedding gowns.

Simple wedding gowns will get a much needed addition - a cape or a wrap. 

Peplums will make a comeback.

Appliques will make a great accessory to plain white wedding gowns.    
 It's fun shopping for the perfect wedding gown. No matter what you choose, make sure that you pick one that will reflect your personality and will fit you really well. Every bride should feel comfortable in her wedding dress and be the apple of everyone's eye on her wedding day!

Spread love and cheer to everyone!

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