Picking the Perfect Wedding Dress

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Looking your best on your wedding day starts with the perfect wedding dress. Finding one that’s both comfortable and stylish can be challenging. There are two things that you should know before you go shopping for a wedding dress: body shape and the right type of dress for each. 

Generally, women fall into four body type categories: the hourglass, the pear, the inverted triangle and the rectangle. Each type requires specific details to conceal flaws and to accentuate every woman's best assets. 

The hourglass body shape is characterized by a defined waist with proportioned bust and hips.

The pear body shape is one of curves with fuller hips and thighs.
An inverted triangle body shape, on the other hand, has broader shoulder than hips.
While a rectangle body type is one where the shoulder, hips and waist are pretty much in line. 

Women with hourglass body shape can pretty much wear anything. Mermaid, sheath or ball gown wedding dresses will definitely show-off a well-defined waist. 

For pears, A-line, empire and ball gowns will work perfectly. It should hide anything waist down and bring attention to the form-fitting upper torso tapering down to the waist. 

For those with inverted-triangle body shape, mermaid, short and ball gowns are the best options. They create volume and balance the broad shoulders while drawing attention to the waistline.

The A-line, sheath and empire gowns add an illusion of shapes and curves to a rectangle body shape.  

  Now that you know what will work best for your body type, it's time to hit the stores or visit a designer to discuss the the details of your wedding dress.

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