Eco-Friendly Wedding Favors

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When you have already accomplished the major things to prepare for your wedding like choosing the venue, the caterer and the florist, it’s time to give attention to the little details that also matter. It’s time to talk about wedding favors. 

Wedding favors are given to guests as a show of thanks for being part of the celebration. There’s really no rule on how much one should spend on wedding favors. You can prepare lavish gifts or simple tokens for everyone to bring home after the party. What is important is you give them away wholeheartedly. 

We all care for the environment and as much as possible, we want to buy products that will have no negative impact on the world we live in. You can do the same and carry on your advocacy by giving away eco-friendly wedding favors on your wedding day.

Here are some eco-friendly choices which guests will certainly love to have:

Something practical and useful - wooden server sets, bamboo coasters and cheese boards.

Let love grow - seed packets and plants they can tend and remember you by.

Bird Seed Decor they can hang outdoor and attract some feathered friends.

Pampering treats  - beeswax candle, bath salts and herbal soaps.

These herbal spray misters make a perfect gift for a summer wedding.

Reusable canvass handbags they can carry around when they do some light shopping

"Love is the flower you have to let grow." ~ John Lennon

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