Summer Wedding Refreshments

Warm greetings to all Lots of Love Readers!

Summer is definitely here. While we favor the good weather for outdoor weddings, we can't help but worry about the summer heat and getting everybody cool and refreshed. And so, we've rounded up some clever ideas for summer wedding refreshments. 

Set up a juice bar and give your guests unlimited refills of their healthy drink of choice. 

Wedding smoothies - the perfect blend of fruit, ice and wine fit for cocktail hour

Serve up welcome drinks for guests to enjoy while settling down at the reception.

Try this blue mojito with sprigs of mint

Or champagne on flute glasses with floral accent

 or you can create and serve your own signature drink.

Serve technicolor sodas as thirst quenchers 

or take home as wedding favors.

Have an ice cream bar set-up at the reception

Adults can indulge on cold treats in mason jars and snow cones.

 and the kids would most certainly love to try out different popsicle flavors.

A tea bar would also be nice. 

You can always set-up a open bar. Make sure you hire enough bartenders (a good ratio is 1:50 guests) to attend to everyone's requests.

Tip: Make sure you pack enough to keep everybody hydrated, refreshed and happy!

Eat, drink, and be merry!

Lots of Love, 

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