10 Great Braid Hairstyles for Brides

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A great wedding hairstyle brings out the natural beauty in every bride. One popular trend for fall weddings is braids. It's not only great for formal weddings but for relaxed, simple weddings as well. Here are 10 lovely braid hairstyle options:

1. The Classic Braid Updo 

2. The Front Braid 

3. Braided Half-up and Half down.

4. Simple Fishtail Braid accentuated with flowers

5. The Halo Braid Bun

6. Interlocking Basket Weave Braid

7. Heart-shaped braid

8. Triple Peonies Braid Twisted into Buns

9. Loose Braid tucked with flowers 

10. The Bohemian Braid

"A lady's hair is her crowning glory." 

 Tip: Weeks before the wedding day, set an appointment with a stylist to plan out your wedding hairstyle. Pick some options and try them out and see how it goes with your wedding dress and your overall look. 

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