Wedding Color Inspiration: Rich Magenta

Colorful greetings to all Lots of Love Readers!

Fall weddings are popular because of the cool weather and the wonderful colors of autumn. A great color choice for a fall wedding color is magenta. This light purplish red color is popular because of its vibrant and full color quality. Magenta is lovely on its own. It also works very well with green, silver and different shades of pinks and violets.

Here's a collection of awesome wedding details in magenta:

Get your guests excited when they receive news about your upcoming wedding.

Pick a tie in shades of your wedding color. 

Askthe guys to wear magenta socks for added fun.

Show off your magenta shoes . 

Wedding bouquet of purple and magenta dahlias, roses, orchids accentuated with silver beads

Flowers from the same family of colors as magenta bunched together with some greens. 

 Drapes with crystals and pink, purple and magenta flowers. 

A floral arch bursting with colors. 
Instead of rolling the red carpet, fill the aisle with floral petals. 

Instead of an elaborate floral arrangement, line the aisle with pink parasols.

Treat guests with some cocktail drinks and aperitifs on these cocktail tables dressed to impress. 

Tuck a rose on table napkins for a sweet feminine touch.

One magical evening enjoyed with family and friends with hanging flowers and suspended votive candles on bubble glasses. 

Enhance the over-all mood of the wedding reception with colored lights and some floor treatment. 

 Guests will surely enjoy a shot of chilled raspberry soup

Surprise guests with a bottle of champagne with rose ice cubes. 

Opt for a wedding cake iced with rose flowers

Or perhaps something ruffled like this dainty ombre cake.

Or a stunning bejeweled cake

Gift suggestion for the mothers of the bride and groom - fans and pashmina in rich magenta 

Give away heart-shaped soaps to show your many thanks for guests who came to celebrate your wedding with you. 

Soulmates... two halves of the same soul joining together in life's journey. ~ Author Unknown ~

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