Stylish Cardigans for Bridesmaids

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Everyday is a great day to plan a wedding. It gives us plenty of reasons to put together great elements to create lovely weddings. We love talking to brides-to-be and help them make their dream wedding come true.

For this article, we are offering you friendly advice on wedding fashion. If you are planning an autumn wedding, you should factor in the weather in your preparations. The cooler temperature during autumn does not provide a great occasion for wearing strapless gowns and dresses. While bridesmaids' dresses should reflect your girls' personal style and preference, it's best to give them the option to have something over their shoulders to protect them from the cold weather. 

One great solution is stylish cardigans! Bridesmaids can wear them on top of their dresses and they could easily be taken off if it gets a little warm when the party starts to heat up.

Here are some stylish pieces that should fit perfectly for a fall wedding: 

Bolero cardigan to match the girls' funky boots.

Cardigans in different shades of  the wedding's color motif.

Bright printed cardigans and cocktail-length dresses

 Plains and Prints - plain cardigans over printed dresses.

A splash of color - allow the girls to bring their personal style into your wedding by letting them pick cardigans in colors that blend with your wedding's motif.

Blended - Pick a neutral color that should fit into a shabby-chic themed wedding

It's all about accessorizing - dress the maid of honor in sequined cardigan and the bridesmaids in lace dresses with gold belted cardigans

A simple flower can make a whole difference - Flower belted cardigan for the bridesmaids

 For added impact, get the bridesmaids to wear necklaces that match their cardigans

Complete the classic look with vintage lace cardigans

Wear it just the way you like it - Tie it up to highlight your girls' best features.

Tip: Get the little ones in comfy sweaters that should also protect them from the cold. 

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