Wedding Color Inspiration: Emerald Green

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Settling on a wedding color can be tricky especially when you are not sure how you can put everything together. And so,  in the previous months, we've been featuring wedding colors to provide inspiration to brides to be and wedding planners and offer options to consider in their wedding preparations. 

For this article, we are giving you another popular wedding color option for fall - emerald green. 

Green is the color of nature, change and transformation. It is great both for indoor and outdoor weddings. Emerald green is a bright green color that makes a great contrast to the colors of autumn.

Here are some great emerald green wedding elements: 

Green and white wedding invitation with a good mix of fonts and shapes

For the Bride and Groom

Green polka dot tie for him

Green stilettos for her

Floral Arrangements 
Use flowers in bloom to create gorgeous bouquets.

 Simple white and green bouquet for the bridesmaids

 Lovely floral crown for the flower girls. 

 Old fashioned flowers like hydrangeas are becoming a popular choice because of its gorgeous colors. 

Aim for simple and elegant - a lily of the valley bouquet

Keep it interesting by arranging flowers in vases with varying heights.

Here's something that always works: cymbidium orchids in tall glasses

Bring the outdoors indoor by decorating the aisle with greens all the way to the altar.


Carry out the green theme into the reception with green table covers and accents.

Printed Details

Tag wedding favors with escort cards to usher guests to their seats.

Print your menu on green stationery.

Cocktail Hour

Wow your guests by serving drinks in your wedding color like this green cocktail drink with star fruit

Or something spiked like this concoction of vodka, Irish cream and martini.

Wedding Cake

Up the ante with a majestic cake display like this Gatsby-inspired wedding cake in emerald green, gold and black isomalt jewels.

Wedding Favors

 Thank guests by giving them adorable heart rose petals soaps.

Or you can pack some sweets in simple green boxes

You might also want to share your passion for gardening by giving out potted plants

Don't forget to also give tokens to your bridesmaids to show your heartfelt appreciation for all their help.

"Marriage is a mosaic you build with your spouse. Millions of tiny moments that create your love story." ~ Jennifer Smith

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