10 Lovely Wedding Updos

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One great way of accessorizing for a wedding is by wearing the perfect hairdo. We've recently featured 10 Great Braid Hairstyles for Brides. Now, we're featuring another favorite wedding hairstyle - The Updo.

An Updo is great when you have medium to long hair and you want to wear your hair up to achieve a more formal look on special occasions such as weddings.

Here are our 10 picks for Wedding Updos:

1. Simple and Neat - Chignon Updo

2. Sweet - Braid and Chignon Combo

3. Retro -  Big barreled curls looped into a side bun

4.  Rustic - Tousled curls tucked with a fabric flower

5. Romantic - Curled and pinned

6. Relaxed - The Low Updo with added volume on the crown and soft tendrils around the face

7. DIY - French Twist

8. Elegant - A Simple bun with a Tiara

9. Playful - Milkmaid Braid twisted into a bun

10. Classic - soft curls neatly tucked on one side

Tip: Weeks before the wedding day, set an appointment with a stylist to plan out your wedding hairstyle. Pick some options and try them out and see how it goes with your wedding dress and your overall look.

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Great list of updos. We do lots of weddings in Maui and it is a necessity to have one because of the wind.

Thanks Steven! I agree that updos make a great choice for outdoor weddings :)

WOW, all the #weedingphotos make me impressed. Excellent list!
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