10 Fun Wedding Activities

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A wedding celebration on its own is a happy occasion but with the addition of creative ideas, it could get more exciting. It is all about infusing fun wedding activities that will require guests to do more than just be witnesses at your wedding.

Here are 10 fun and creative wedding activities worth considering: 

A. Get-to-Know-the-Newlyweds Activities. Let guests in on the some information about the newlyweds.
1. Paper fans with Word Search puzzle on one side to keep guests busy while waiting for the ceremony to start. 

2. Logophiles will enjoy answering a crossword puzzle of facts and trivia about the newlyweds

 3. Be the judge as to how well the newlyweds know each other after playing the shoe game.

B. Fun Activities for Kids and the Kids at Heart. Get the little ones happy by providing alternative activities for them to enjoy at the wedding reception. 
4. Keep them busy drawing and coloring with art materials while the adults are grooving on the dance floor.
5.  Get everybody a chance to have a piece of the wedding piñata.

6. Set-up game tables all around the reception area like this pumpkin themed game of tic-tac-toe.
C. Get everybody involved. Make your guests participate in fun activities for maximum enjoyment.
7. Sparkler Send off

8. Have some bubble fun

9. Sky Lantern Release

D. Wow everyone with some fireworks display.
be it indoor

or outdoor

Tip: Create wonderful memories with your wedding guests and make the occasion something that's going to be remembered and thought of with fondness for a very long time.

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Indeed these are the best and must include activities to your wedding. This year I am also getting married and planning my wedding at SF event venues. I will definitely use your fun ideas for my wedding.