10 Lovely Candelabra Centerpieces Perfect for Wedding Receptions

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We're seeing a lot of trends at wedding receptions that are lovely and are definitely worth replicating. One of them is the candelabra centerpiece. It's a break from the usual floral table centerpiece. The use of light, crystals and gems adds glamor and grandiosity to even the simplest of wedding venues. 

Here are some ways you can use candelabras as wedding reception centerpiece.

1. Traditional - adorn the stand with flowers and light the candles for added lighting.

2. Rustic- Short brass candle holder and succulent plants

3. Lush - Flowers bundled around lighted candles

4. Romantic - gorgeous display of vibrant floral centerpiece in candelabras and short vases.

5. Classic - clean and bright candelabra with crystal draping.

6. Modern - a twist in the usual candle holder neatly adorned with flowers.

7. Artiste - unique pieces that will surely wow your guests.

8. Country - blooms in season draped around candle holders great for woodside weddings.

9. Shabby Chic - Ombre floral arrangement  in tall crystal candelabras

10. Elegant - tall candelabra centerpieces to illuminate an outdoor wedding reception venue.

Tip: Discuss with your wedding coordinator all the elements that you want for your wedding so you can plan out how you can put everything together. Happy wedding planning!

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My sister is huge into decorating is looking for some decor that she can use for her wedding. She is stressed out with tons of other things right now, so I thought I would look around for some decorating ideas that could help her out. This blog post helped me see that a nice candelabra centerpiece could really add a lot of class and sophistication to the over style of a wedding. I'm going to bring this up with her and see if it's something that she wants to run with or not.