Something Non-Traditional: Naked Wedding Cakes

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The wedding cake has become a main attraction at wedding receptions. Brides-to-be go through great lengths choosing from a multitude of designs and options to find the perfect wedding cake. White wedding cakes are regular favorites but more daring and adventurous couples have opted for colorful versions and recently, many have gone for naked wedding cakes.

The tradition of serving cakes at weddings dates back to medieval times. Its predecessor is nothing like the sweet version that it is today but regular loaf bread. The groom eats part of it and breaks the rest over the bride's head to symbolize good fortune and a bountiful life with many children. There's also tale of its origin from the traditional bride's pie which the bride cuts and serves guests during the wedding reception as a symbol of good luck and a happy life for the newlyweds. White wedding cakes together with the wearing of a white wedding dress, on the other hand, was a fad that started with the wedding of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert in the 1800s.

In modern times, the wedding cake has taken different sizes, shapes and flavors. In some cultures, it is cut and served during the reception. While in some, it mainly serves the purpose of the traditional slicing and partaking of the wedding cake by the bride and groom to symbolize unity and good fortune. Whichever purpose it serves, everybody sees wedding cakes as a centerpiece in any wedding reception. 

Naked wedding cakes have become a popular trend of late. Even celebrities have caught up with the trend. featured Angie and Brad's wedding including pictures of their non-traditional wedding cake - the naked wedding cake especially made by their children. Martha Stewart, the lifestyle doyenne herself, has featured in her website several gorgeous frost-free wedding cakes that are sure to tease the senses.

Here's a collection of naked wedding cakes that's definitely worth having:

A berry merry wedding cake. Three-tier wedding cake sandwiched with jam and frosting and decorated with mixed berries.

Chocolatey wedding cake. Express your love for chocolate by keeping the butter cream frosting to a minimum on your decadent chocolate wedding cake.

Simply yummy wedding cake. Drizzle some salted caramel over a multi-tiered naked wedding cake for a dramatic effect.

Multi-flavored wedding cake. Can't settle on one flavor? Get all the flavors you want in each layer of your wedding cake.

Ombre wedding cake. Showcase the colors of your wedding with an ombre wedding cake with fruit topper.

Bold and beautiful wedding cake. Paint the town red with a luscious red wedding cake.

Shabby chic wedding cake. Succulents add a rustic touch to this simple three-tiered naked wedding cake.

Lush and romantic wedding cake. Floral accents make for one sweet and dainty wedding reception centerpiece.

Hip and square wedding cake. Instead of the usual round wedding cake, go for the square version with different flavors per tier for added personality.

Tip: Choose a wedding cake that you will enjoy eating and sharing your everyone at the wedding reception.

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How cool wedding cakes!! I am getting married and would love to have such a lovely wedding cake on my wedding day. I just wonder if such beautiful and nontraditional cakes are available in banquet halls in Chicago!!

Hi, good luck on your wedding! Hope you can find a great wedding cake supplier in your area.