10 Great Alternatives to Wedding Veils

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There are certain objects or things whose very presence are closely associated with weddings. One of these things is the wedding veil. You see a woman in a white gown with a veil holding a bouquet of flowers and you would be quick to say that she is a bride. 

Bridal veils have been a part of wedding tradition. Brides in Roman times wear flame-colored veils to ward off evil spirits. It was believed during those times that evil spirits are attracted to the bride. Covering her face with a veil conceals her true identity and confuses the evil spirits. 

There are also stories that say that the use of veils during weddings were due to the circumstances of arrange marriages. The face of the bride is concealed from the groom and is only revealed after the wedding ceremony to prevent the groom from backing out of the arrangement if he does not like what his bride, who he will be seeing for the first time, looked like. 

During Victorian times, the use of the veil was incorporated into weddings and the length and the quality of the veil became a symbol of the bride’s status. Thus, the long veils and trains worn by royal brides. 

The wedding veil is considered a symbol of chastity and modesty. But these days, brides don’t wear it for that very reason but rather as the perfect accessory to complete her wedding day fashion style.
These days, wedding veils are not considered mandatory and so one can just tick it off the wedding list and go for other alternatives. Elle.com’s article about alternatives to wedding veils inspired us to create our own list of great alternatives to the traditional wedding veil. 

Here they are: 

An embellished headband adds a touch of royalty to the bride's regale look.

For a country wedding, bunch up small flowers to make an awesome floral crown.

Add some pizazz to the bride's look with pinned jewels scattered all over the bride's hairstyle.

String together ribbons and flowers to make a wreath to match the bride's bouquet.

Opt for a simple braid to show the bride's best features starting with her charming smile.
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Sometimes, a single flower tucked on the bride's ear is the only accessory she needs to make her look her best on her wedding day.

Funky and whimsical touch to a theme wedding.

The unexpected detail that will wow wedding guests - flowers tucked into the bride's coiffed hair.

 Here's something popularized in the 1940s and has been a popular choice for headdress for vintage weddings.

 If you have great hair, your wedding day is the best day to flaunt your lovely locks while you celebrate the best day of your life. 

Tip: Don't let tradition hold you back when planning your wedding. You have every right to look your best on your wedding day!

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I think veils will always be traditional yet these days the alternatives are just as popular and not only accepted but embraced!

I agree with you Amy-Jo. I like wedding veils too. It's the classic touch to any wedding dress. Thanks for dropping by! :)

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