10 Ways to Use Mason Jars at Weddings

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Mason jars are making a comeback these days. While in the past, it has been closely associated with jams, jellies and food preservation, it has found many uses in the decorating scene. Its being an element of the past  brings with it a nostalgic touch that's perfect for weddings. Mason jars have become favorite element of shabby-chic, rustic and woodland weddings.  

Here are 10 ways of transforming those simple mason jars into exciting wedding elements:

1. Stationery

Make it the central theme of your wedding and send out these mason jar-inspired invitations.

Paper fans that double up as wedding program to guide guests on the order of the ceremony.

2. Lighting Fixtures
Chandelier of mason jars fitted with lights.

Jars transformed into candle holders.

Mason jar oil lamps make a great accessory for a woodland wedding.

3. Aisle Decor
Mason jars as flower vases with colorful flowers and ribbons.

Paint in the color of your wedding motif and line them over the aisle. 

4. Hanging Decor
 Amp up the drama by alternately hanging mason jars with flowers and lighted candles over wedding tables.

 Create an interesting chandelier by bundling up jars with flowers and lighted candles and hang them all over the reception venue.

5. Flower Arrangements
Wrap them in burlap and lace. 

Go metallic

Spray them over with pastel paint

Glam it up with some glitter

Line jars with sliced lemons and fill with water and flowers.

6. Centerpiece
Trip down memory lane - Tuck in pictures inside jars and scatter them around the reception venue. 

Group them in threes and fill them up with flowers, shells and votive candles. 

For a lovely autumn wedding centerpiece, place them inside wooden trays with pine cones.

7. Wedding Drinks
Fill them with assorted refreshments and load them on a tub of ice.

Liberally used them to serve cocktails at your party.

8. Desserts
 Serve mouth watering desserts in jars

Indulge in some chocolatey goodness

9. Escort Cards
Usher guests to their seats with jars bearing their names and table numbers. 

for them take home and make their own when the party is over.

10. Favors
Plants that guests can grow and remember you by.

Share your favorite cookie recipe.

Spread the love with an assortment of jams and jellies.

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