15 Refreshing Fruity Wedding Drinks

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To kick off a great wedding reception, serve some refreshments to welcome your guests. Spring and summer weddings give us a reason to serve something fun and exciting like fruity cocktails. They not only taste great but they can also be tailored to blend with the over-all wedding theme. The vibrant colors of fruits add to the festive occasion. You can choose to serve welcome drinks in the same color as your wedding theme. There is an unlimited variety of drinks and refreshments to choose from.You can choose to serve alcoholic drinks for the grown-ups' indulgence and non-alcoholic drinks for everyone, even the kids, to enjoy. 

Here are 15 refreshing fruity drinks you can serve guests at your wedding:

Something Bold - Blackberry Gin Fizz with a sprig of mint served in mason jars.

Something delightfully refreshing - Blood Orange Margarita. 

Something light and bubbly - Cranberry Cider Fizz

A twist on the ordinary - Pink Lemonade Cocktail

Fruity Raspberry Beer Cocktail served in personalized glasses that can be given away as wedding favors

Summer Indulgence - Watermelon and Coconut Water Breeze

Smooth and Refreshing - Roasted Blueberry Margarita

Fresh and Exciting - Citrus Mint Cocktail

 Kiwi Coolers that will keep guests coming back for more

Tropical Treat - Pineapple Orange Margarita

Something sweet and tangy - Tangerini

 Something Tasty - Green Apple Margarita

Something Cool and Revitalizing - Sweet Honeydew Smoothie

Something Simple and Sweet - Peach Cooler

Fruit Punch for everyone's delight.

Tip: You can also serve an assortment of smoothies for everyone to enjoy.
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Love the serving in a Mason jar--great post!!


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