15 Fan Wedding Bouquet Ideas

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For the adventurous bride, everything out of the ordinary is fun and exciting. And when it comes to the bridal bouquet, the choice is not limited to flowers. An alternative to the floral bouquet popularized during the 80s is the fan wedding bouquet. It is an interesting twist to the usual floral arrangement that accentuates the bride's pristine white dress. The fan wedding bouquet is handy and lightweight compared to its floral counterpart. It gives the bride more flexibility in carrying with either hand. Fan wedding bouquet designs range from the simple to the eclectic to suit any wedding theme or motif.

Here are 15 creative and charming fan wedding bouquets:

Lace adds a feminine touch to a vintage themed wedding.

The ostrich feather fan is a great choice for the 20s Inspired and Gatsby wedding.

 Add a fresh look to bridesmaids bouquet with this flower and paper fan combination.  

Peacock feathers provide the much needed splash of color to a bridal ensemble  

Stunning fan bouquet of flowers, beads and accents.

Romantic fan bouquet with roses and baby's breath.

 Beach Ready fan bouquet.

Palm leaf fan bouquet inspired by the sea

This fan wedding bouquet makes the perfect accessory for an all white wedding.

Hand tied bouquet of red rose perfect for a woodland wedding

DIY fan wedding bouquet designed with lace and ribbons.

Feathery bouquet made of ostrich and peacock feathers.

Eccentric bouquet of gorgeous flowers

Sweet, simple and handy fan bouquet great for a shabby chic wedding.

Radiant Red fan bouquet

Tip: Fill your wedding with exciting and fun things that you and your guest will enjoy.

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