Exciting Pinwheel Wedding Ideas

Colorful greetings to all out Lots of Love Readers!

When we think of summer, we picture sun-kissed cheeks, the gentle breeze blowing on one's hair while having a great day out in the sun. Planning a summer wedding gives one the opportunity to take advantage of the good weather and the benefit of having a beautiful background be it the beach, the country, woodland, the garden or even the park. If an outdoor wedding is not your thing, you can bring summer indoor by infusing some fun and exciting vibe into the wedding celebration. One simple and exciting way of doing this is by using pinwheels. 

Pinwheels are one of the many things that remind us of childhood and those timeless days spent running around and having fun. These days, we do not get to do much of that but we can relive those childhood memories by incorporating it into the wedding theme. Here are some exciting pinwheel designs perfect for a fun-filled wedding celebration: 

Something simple. Wedding invitation with pinwheel details

Something unique. Toss the flowers and go for a pinwheel wedding bouquet.

Something eye-catching. Colorful pinwheel boutonniere for the groom

Something cheerful. Paper pinwheels instead of floral bouquets for the bridesmaids

Something fun. Flower girls will definitely enjoy walking down the aisle with twirling pinwheels.
Something whimsical. Say your vows under this colorful wedding arch of paper pinwheels and fans.

Something ethereal. Combine simple elements such as painted bottles, white flowers and pinwheels to create an aisle decor worth noticing.

Something colorful. Line the wedding aisle with pinwheels in different colors.

Something playful. How about decorating the path going to the wedding ceremony or reception with stringed pinwheels that twirl when blown by the wind?

Something festive. Decorate chairs with pinwheel garlands.

Something blue. Table numbers pinned on pinwheels.

Something creative. Let the pinwheel lead you to your seats with these ingenious seating cards.

Something candid. Fancy paper pinwheels, ribbons and an orange (!) combo for a table centerpiece.

Something shabby. It's the paper pinwheel on the usual floral and wood ensemble that makes this table centerpiece a head turner. 

Something adventurous. Recreate a movie date experience with this movie tickets, popcorn and pinwheel table centerpiece. 

Something gorgeous. Pinwheels of different colors arranged in different heights. 

Something splendid. Paper pinwheels in different sizes and colors serving as backdrop to the newlywed's table.

Something delightful. Serve thirst quenchers with pinwheel stirrers.

Something adorable. Pinwheel napkin rings will be a sure hit at the reception.

Something stunning. A simple white cake transformed into an eye-candy creation with confetti and pinwheel accents.

Something scrumptious. Colorful candies as wedding favors. 

Have a fun-filled and exciting wedding celebration!

Lots of Love, 

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